Every day in the United States, people take to the streets with their vehicles, bicycles and their feet.

Getting there and back safely depends greatly on a driver’s skill, courtesy and respect for traffic laws. When these safeguards break down or go ignored, tragedy can follow. Nowhere in our daily city travels is the threat greater than when a driver runs a red light. Communities across the country acknowledge this danger as a public concern and are taking measures to prevent it.

This overview provides facts and information about the dangers of red-light running and how it affects communities, large and small. It also illustrates how red-light safety cameras serve as a public safety benefit best measured in lives saved and injuries prevented, while also providing other services to the community.

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Public Opinion

While there is no question that camera programs are sometimes controversial, there is also a significant amount of public opinion research that shows the majority of Americans support red-light safety cameras. In poll after poll, most Americans favor the use of red-light safety cameras as an enforcement tool to reduce dangerous crashes. This support crosses demographic and regional lines and is particularly strong in communities that have deployed red-light safety cameras.




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